Drones in Agriculture

Friday the 1st of March 2019, will see the Drones in Agriculture conference kicking off with Wayne Lording, the widely respected farmer and educator.

Hear how drones assist productivity across farming tasks including livestock control, crop and soil management plus enhancing infrastructure inspections.

Wayne consults with the agricultural industry implementing the latest in sustainable practices, come and hear him and other experts discuss how drone technology will revolutionise agriculture and farming practices.

He will be joined by Fiona Lake and others including CASA representatives to inform and discuss how Ag Drones are changing the agricultural and farming business model.

With two days of Drones in Agriculture presentations and a demonstration of Heavy Lift drones on the Friday, the Drone Zone at the Avalon 2019 Airshow offers farmers, vignerons and agriculturists the opportunity to hear how drones can improve business efficiency.