Friday 1 March (Industry Day)
Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 March (Public Days)
0930 - 1400

This event is open and complimentary to AVALON 2019 trade visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates.
Click here to register and make your expression of interest to attend (please note that your expression of interest does not guarantee you a place; Numbers at the AVALON 2019 complimentary conferences are limited and spaces are not guaranteed. Attendance is subject to availability and is on a first come, first served basis).

Conference Room 1 & 4, Conference Centre, Australian International Aerospace & Defence Exposition

Hear from experts in industry and government across the Australian drone industry and how they meeting the challenges, growth and ever changing marketplace of drones in business.

Australians are early adopters of new technology however the drone industry growth hinges on important safety regulations, cost effective applications and supply and depth of trained professionals.

The conference will address the increasing use of drones in industry for mining, resources, construction. Case Studies will be presented and examined with representatives from CASA in the room to answer your questions. 

Drones in Agriculture sessions, represents an opportunity to hear how drones are assisting farmers and the rural community.
Heavy lift drones are now proving valuable to perform tasks on farms, national parks including remote and hard to access locations. They also have a role to play in search and rescue with these topics covered in the morning sessions.

Local Government municipalities and agencies are using drones to measure and track land developments, manage parks and perform maintenance tasks. Hear practitioners from local councils and state government on how they have achieved efficiencies and streamlined tasks with the introduction of drones.

Drone business marketing strategies and finding a customer base is covered in the first session after lunch. Buying a drone and launching a website does not guarantee success in the Survey, Real Estate Photography, Mapping or Film industry. This session will expand on how to market your drone business and get eyeballs on your website.

The Drone Showcase exhibition operating from Friday 1 – Sunday 3 March alongside the Drone and RPAS Conference allows you to meet industry professionals, pilots, trainers and service providers.

The Saturday and Sunday seminar sessions cover film and photography, drone pilot training, introduction to drone use on the farm and drones in sport and recreation. These sessions are on a first come – first seated basis so arrive early. When you enter the Drone Zone pavilion, go to the information desk and pick up your seating pass as soon as you arrive.


For further information contact:

Rodd Craig
Executive Manager Drone Conference
Telephone: 0457 848 104